Fingerprints covering Scotland.

Fingerprints Taken for Emigration, Work, Study and Other Overseas Visitor &Travel Visas,

South African Passport applications and renewals. Police Clearance Certificates for countries outwith the United Kingdom.

The recording of applicants fingerprints is often a pre-requisite in visitor visa applications in the above and other circumstances. In many areas of the United Kingdom this is a service provided at cost by 'in house Police' Fingerprint Bureaux .I am pleased to advise that as an existing accredited fingerprint expert who previously worked for thirty-seven years within the Scottish criminal justice community. I now offer a fingerprint service for applicants pursuing Police background checks required for employment purposes and South African passport applications and renewals.

Acceptable, fingerprint bureaux quality fingerprints taken in these circumstances will either be recorded on forms supplied as part of the consular visa application process or on alternative fingerprint forms in a format and style routinely accepted by fingerprint bureaux world wide

Fingerprints will only be captured when accompanied by appropriate proof of identification and residence and each resultant fingerprint form will be certified accordingly. A fee, comparable with those applied by Police Forces who routinely provide this service for applicants elsewhere in the United Kingdom is payable in exchange for the completed fingerprint forms.

I hope this information provides sufficient detail and background of the availability of this service to applicants in Scotland and, where fingerprints form part of any application process, I look forward to assisting you.